You must register your timing chip online before starting the ride!

All participants must register their timing chip online at before starting the ride to be covered by the accident insurance included with their registration.

1. Register your timing chip here

IMPORTANT: The 16-digit code that you must enter is the one printed on the only sticker attached to the back of your rider’s number.

2. Verify/Edit your registration here

3. Check your official time and print your certificate here

What is the timing chip?

It is the latest timing system: BibTag. Which involves using a high precision chip, decoders and modular mats that allows recording the ride times of each of the participants. It is approved by the IAAF and is optimized for sports events.

How does it work?

The timing chip is disposable and it is attached to the back of your rider’s number. Measuring mats are placed on the start and finish line. Your official time will be available on Time Track’s website from the moment you finish the ride.

To be sure that your timing chip records your time correctly you must:

1. Tie your rider’s number in front of your bike using only plastic straps.

2. Take care that your timing chip does not touch your bike’s frame or any other metal surface.

3. Start the ride from the official start line so that your chip is activated by passing over the modular mat so your start time can be taken properly.

4. Cross through the official finish line, caring passing over the modular mat so your finish time can be taken properly.

Note: Failure to follow these instructions will jeopardize the correct time recording of the rider.

*Send an email to for technical assistance in case of any malfunction of your timing chip.

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